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WordPress installation: to hide folder name from url

Below are the step to take if wordpress is installed under some directory (let’s say ‘blog’) and you would like to hide the ‘blog’ from the url, .i.e. instead of http://mySite/blog you would like URL to be http://mySite ┬ábut the blog to remain there where it is. add those two lines to wp-config: define('WP_SITEURL', ''); //this is the real directory where wordpress installation lives define('WP_SITEURL', ''); //this is what you want your users to see Copy .htaccess to root folder Add this line to .htaccess RewriteRule ./blog/index.php index.php: ┬áchange line 1 from require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wp-blog-header.php' ); to require( dirname( __FILE__) . '/blog/wp-blog-header.php'); and copy it to root dir  

Site translation

This is a hack I learned in class. Suppose some widgets do not have .po files. If some of the stuff on the site is translated, turn off qTranslate widget, that will show the code used by qTranslate. Find the string to be translated in the code and change it with the code seen in the previous step. e.g. It used to be ‘powered by %s’ change it to ‘‘ The code is not right in the example above but the principle stays. Do not forget to do it in child theme and do not forget to turn qTranslate back on. Happy translating
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Debug like a pro

Came across this post recently, seems reasonable, I did not try it yet:
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We use Fat Cow icons, they are awsome, thank you very much guys for making them available to us
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